Privacy Policy

Market Research Quest offers Reports about Business Research and Market Intelligence. Accessing to this will reports comes with terms and conditions of this site found at the portal. If anyone is seen directly placing the order or via the third party options like online form, email or then this mode of order and accepting the relevant order by MRS, which remains subject to be the under terms and conditions of Market Research Quest.

The Information Market Research Quest collects?

The information we get from the customers easily helps us in personalizing and thus continuing the delivery of business information. The information entered here by the visitors is seen getting stored at our database and is then employed for further assisting our clients with the help of offering the right solutions. The IP address we get from them helps us for diagnosing a number of problems along with our server and thus administering our website by simply creating statistical reports along with the tracking errors. The information we get from our users can be seen in the form of form of the data that is seen getting entered over the website or given in any other method. The users also have the choice for not giving the information; which will however, not give you the complete the offer features.

Market Research Quest knows the fact that its users will appreciate your trust, which we will do so by handing the same very carefully and sensibly. This notice simply describes our privacy policy and by visiting this site, you end up accepting all the practices as described in this Privacy Notice. The information given by our users can be used for any of the given purposes like responding to the requests, customizing the shopping experience, Improving & Enhancing our products and communicating with the number of users.

Security is our prime feature

The information and data you share with us is completely secured and protected while it is transmitted with the help of using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which makes the information you input to us with encryption. It is vital to secure against all the unauthorized access to your password and to your PC as well. So, make sure you sign off before you allow others to use your PC.

Policy about Private or Personal Particulars

We are known for our professional ethics and best practices along with practicing the compliance with the laws of the land. Hence all the personal/private information you share with us of any kind is invariably kept classified and is never shared with any third party for any activity. For more information contact: